Streamlined bank transfer generation and bank statement download for MS Dynamics AX/365

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Rafał Nojszewski
International Sales Manager
Marek Galert — Consultant_
Marek Galert

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Key takeways: 

  • Optimizing your banking processes in Microsoft Dynamics AX/365 FSCM 
  • Automating the import of bank statements 
  • Streamlining the bank statement reconciliation process 
  • Direct payment from Microsoft Dynamics AX/365 FSCM to banks


  1. Challenges of handling bank transfers and statements
  2. Main benefits of automating bank processes
  3. Advantages of BankFlow XPLUS over the Microsoft Dynamics 365 FSCM standard
  4. XPLUS BankFlow presentation
  5. Q&A

XPLUSSpecialize in the implementation and development of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 FSCM (ERP)

  • 300+ worldwide projects
  • 200+ Microsoft Certificates 
  • prestigious title of Microsoft Gold Partner
  • two-time winner of Inner Circle for Microsoft Business Applications award



Rafał Nojszewski

  • An experienced Key Account Manager with an eager approach to solving client issues considering the usage of the newest technologies in the IT industry. Rafał loves sophisticated business challenges. In his everyday work, he supports companies by optimizing their businesses and processes with automated testing services.


Marek Galert

  • Financial consultant with 2,5 years of experience implementing the D365 FSCM system. In addition to implementing D365, I also implement and promote BankFlow, a solution that integrates ERP with banking platforms. I believe it is a solution that will effectively optimise your business.